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Dec 31

BelshawAdamatic Staff

Belshaw Adamatic presents a brand new donut injector that's designed for filling donuts with Jams, Jellies, Cremes, Custards and other similar fillings. The AutoFiller focuses on donut production first, and it's ready for all sizes and shapes of donut from Berliners to Zeppole ! ... read more

Oct 22

BelshawAdamatic Staff

The BX Eco-touch is Energy Star qualified! The top-of-the-line (but still affordable) convection oven is a rock star with baked goods, due to its graphical menu interface and top-of-the-line feature set. Why 'EcoTouch'? For good reason... read more

Nov 21

BelshawAdamatic Staff

Belshaw Adamatic has decided to focus on its ADR2 and Glimek bakery equipment business, and on servicing our existing Roll Line, Combi Line, and Divider Rounder customers. read more

May 16

BelshawAdamatic Staff

During 2012, a lot of people called about our 'Insider' Ventless Cabinet and donut system that operates in stadiums, stores and public areas. read more

May 14

BelshawAdamatic Staff

Belshaw Adamatic has had the privilege of installing hundreds of industrial donut systems, some of them in very surprising locations. read more

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BelshawAdamatic Staff
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