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Mar 12

BelshawAdamatic Staff

OVEN-2020, the new leader in Rack Oven technology

by BelshawAdamatic Staff

Belshaw Adamatic is proud to introduce OVEN 2020, the new leader in Rack Oven technology! Our R&D engineers set out to bring Rack Oven into the 21st century, and they delivered!

  1. Startup time ~ 5 minutes faster than the nearest major brand.
  2. Recovery time ~ we’ve been unable to make direct comparisons, but at 137 seconds, we are confident it’s much faster than other ovens. 
  3. Energy efficiency ~ 4% higher than the nearest major competitor in Baking Efficiency. Qualifies for Energy Star and Gas Supplier rebates. 
  4. Standard features ~ including touchscreen control, triple pane viewing glass, 5-stage baking programs, remote web browser viewing, on-screen diagnostics, and more. No other oven can match it.

Finally, as important as anything else, OVEN-2020 is designed, manufactured and serviced entirely in the USA, and if you need any parts down the line, most are sourced and available off-the-shelf and close to home!

Care to know more?

  • Food & Drink Magazine ~ to find out more about OVEN-2020, and the way Belshaw Adamatic approaches manufacturing as a whole.
  • OVEN-2020 and it’s companion proofer, PRF-2022 web pages

Care to know even more? Call 1-800-BELSHAW (1-800-578-2547) or email us at info@belshaw.com

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