Esmach SPI 30-200 F Mixer Series

Available in 8 sizes from 66-440 lbs of dough (40-300 quarts)

From Esmach - the fixed bowl mixer series designed for bakeries that need premium dough quality AND proven reliability.
  • Choice of 8 bowl sizes with a dough capacity from 66 lbs to 440 lbs 
  • Bowl, dividing blade and spiral arm engineered in hygienic stainless steel for quick and easy cleaning 
  • Digital timer for precise mixing 
  • Independent motors for both the bowl and spiral arm (One motor for 30 and 45 kg models) 
  • Two working speeds for the bowl and spiral arm 
  • Stainless steel safety grid to conform to the strictest safety requirement 
  • Simple to use control panel to store 9 of your frequently used recipes. 
  • Optional extras include built-in water meter, dough thermometer and dispenser for grainy ingredients.    

The SPI series is the latest mixer line from Esmach, representing the pinnacle of technology for this class of mixers, from a company with a long history of mixers that bakers love using. For more information, download the brochure and spec sheet in the PDF tab.

For information about the entire Esmach mixer line, including removable bowl mixers, self loading / unloading mixers and more, download the Esmach mixer catalogue in the PDF tab, or visit Belshaw Adamatic can assist you with the purchase of any Esmach mixer. 

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