734CG-734FG Donut Fryer (Gas)

Gas-heated, Frying Area 34 x 24 inches (86 x 61 cm)

This industry standard donut fryer is used by donut shops and bakeries all over North America and the world! The fryer holds 48 standard size cake or yeast-raised donuts and has a capacity of approximately 120-150 dozen donuts/hour. The standard 734CG model uses an electrical source for electronic ignition. 734FG model does not require an electrical connection.
  • Frying Area 34 inches side-to-side, 24 inches front-to-back (86 x 61 cm)
  • Gas heated at 89,000 BTU/hr
  • Shortening capacity 215 lbs by weight, 29 gallons by volume (98 kg/110 liters)
  • Capacity 48 standard donuts, approximately 120-150 dozen donuts per hour
  • Natural Gas or Liquid Propane (specify when ordering). A conversion kit is available if changeover is needed
  • 120 Volts or 240 Volts, 50/60Hz, 1-phase. (specify when ordering)
  • Digital electronic thermostat control
  • Drain tray on right side of fryer. Can be moved to left side
  • Drain and valve with exterior handle to empty shortening
  • 2 cake donut frying screens with handles
  • ETL certified to NSF-4, ANSI Z83.11a and CSA1.8a.2004
  • CE models available for European Union and other countries
  • (Optional) Standing pilot ignition and thermocouple temperature control – no electricity required. This models is designated: 734FG
  • See PDF tab for more specifications
  • See below for available accessories for your donut fryer
  • A ventilation and fire suppression hood is usually required for indoor locations.

This video shows a Belshaw 724CG fryer with Type B and Type F cake donut depositors, EZMelt filter, and submerger. Belshaw offers electric and gas fryers in 3 available sizes. These fryers all function in the same way as shown in this video.

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Frying Screen for 734CG and 734FG Fryers (with handles)

Frying Screen (with handles)


Size 33 x 23 inches (84 x 58 cm) $0.00 more details
Proofing and Frying Screen for 734CG and 734FG Fryers (without handles)

Screen (without handles)


Size 33 x 23 inches (84 x 58 cm). Used for proofing and frying $0.00 more details
Submerger for 734CG-734FG Fryer



Holds fried products below the shortening surface $0.00 more details
SF34 Shortening Filter

SF34 Shortening Filter


Filters shortening from 734CG and 734FG fryers. Not recommended for trans-fat free shortening. $0.00 more details
EZMELT34 Shortening Melter-Filter

EZMELT34 Shortening Melter-Filter


The best filtration system for 734CG, 734FG, and Donut Robot Mark VI. Melts, filters and pumps back on demand. $0.00 more details
Screen Cradle for 624, 724CG and 724FG Fryers

Screen Cradle for 624, 724CG, 724FG


For 624-0007A Proofing and Frying Screens (23 x 23 inches) $0.00 more details
Detachable handle for proofing and frying screens (1 only)

Detachable handle for screens


Fits any screen without handles $0.00 more details
Type F Cake Donut Depositor

Type F Cake Donut Depositor


Electric Depositor for high quality cake donuts $0.00 more details
Type B Cake Donut Depositor

Type B Cake Donut Depositor


Hand crank Depositor for high quality cake donuts $0.00 more details
Plungers and Cylinders for Type B and Type F

Plungers and Cylinders for Type B/F


Includes plungers, cylinders and attachments $0.00 more details
H&I-4 Icer

H&I-4 Icer


4-bowl, water-warmed icer for donuts and other products $0.00 more details

HI24F Icer


For quickly icing 36 standard size donuts $0.00 more details
Belshaw EP18-24, 6-door, 17-shelf Proofer

EP18-24 Proofer


17-shelf proofing cabinet for donut production and general bakery use. $0.00 more details
Sugaring Table

Sugaring Table


Large utility table with 2 drawers containing large finishing bowls and an upper storage shelf $0.00 more details
Draft Inducer Kit for 734CG-734FG fryers

Draft Inducer Kit


For Liquid Propane models and Natural Gas above 3,000 feet $0.00 more details