EP18-24 Proofer

17-shelf proofing cabinet for donut production and general bakery use.

With 6 doors and 17 shelves, this proofer is made for donut production! You can take out one proofing tray at a time if you want to, instead of an entire rack if you use a standard proof box.

The EP18/24 is designed for donut production as well as general bakery use. It accepts Proofing and Frying screens from floor model fryers up to 24"x 24". It also accepts proofing trays for Donut Robot systems.

EP18/24 has 6 doors and 17 shelves for convenient use. Screens or trays can be inserted or removed at any time. Plexiglass doors allow the operator to check how the contents are rising. The proofer is also suitable for baking pans and general bakery usage.

EP18/24 is not readily compatible with screens from 616B fryers and Cut-N-Fry (too small), or 734 (too large). EP18/24 does not accept baking racks.

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