TZ-6 Proofer

6-Shelf proofing cabinet for donut production and general bakery use

6-shelf version of EP18/24 proofer, used for making yeast-raised donuts on a Donut Robot® Mark II or Mark V system.

Based on the EP18/24 proofer, the TZ-6 is a smaller version that works with Belshaw's Donut Robot Mark II (or Mark V) system. Donuts are given a warm, humid environment in which to rise with adjustable heat and humidity.

The TZ-6 has 6 shelves, able to hold 2 dozen standard size donuts each. Total capacity is 12 dozen donuts, and the TZ-6 can process 24 dozen donuts per hour at a nominal proofing time of 30 minutes.

2 plexiglass doors double as viewing windows, allowing the operator to check at any time to see how donuts are rising. Trays can be inserted or withdrawn one at a time. 

The TZ6 is ETL listed for compliance to UL-197, NSF-4 and CSA 22.2. See PDF spec sheet for details.

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