Proofing Cloth/Rods for Mark II/V

For loading yeast-raised donuts on a FT42 Feed Table

For making yeast-raised donuts on a Donut Robot® Mark II or Mark V

Proofing Trays and Proofing Cloths are essential for making yeast-raised donuts on Donut Robot® Mark VI system with Feed Table. The trays are aluminum and designed for donut proofing. The cloths are polypropylene with a narrow lightweight rod at the end. Trays are used in combination with cloths to load yeast raised donuts onto a Feed Table. After the donuts have been rolled and cut, but before proofing, a cloth is laid on each tray, then 24 donuts are laid on each cloth in straight rows. The donuts are proofed in any proof box. After proofing, load the tray onto the feed table. The feed table is a chain conveyor with hooks to grab the rod on the end of each cloth, so you can easily slide back and remove the tray, leaving the cloth and donuts on the feed table. The Feed Table advances in time with the fryer and drops the proofed donuts automatically into the fryer. The cloth is deposited under the feed table ready for another use. About 24-48 trays and cloths are recommended to start with.

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