Frying Screen (with handles)

Size 17 x 25 inches (43 x 64 cm)

For 618L, 718LCG and 718LFG Fryers

2 Frying Screens are supplied standard with each Belshaw Adamatic floor model fryer. Handles are heat resistant for pain free lifting! The height of each screen & handle combination is 9 inches (23 cm). For that reason, the Frying Screens are ideal for Cake Donuts and other products which don't require proofing. (The reason: if you are making yeast-raised donuts, you will probably place your screens on a baking rack, where the space allowed is LESS than 9 inches). For raised donuts you should consider using our 618-0007A Proofing and Frying Screens, which don't have fixed handles.

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