Plungers and Cylinders for Type B/F

Includes plungers, cylinders and attachments

Sizes of plungers cylinders must match exactly. If several cake donut varieties are being made, many people use one size for all their plungers, and to combine them with one cylinder of the same size.

Plungers are available for ring donuts, sticks, 'old fashions', crullers, krinkles (pon de ring) and more. A plunger and a cylinder work together to form a cake donut. Any plunger used must be matched by a cylinder of exactly the same size. The cylinder inserts easily into the bottom of the hopper. 
You can select from a variety of plungers using Belshaw Adamatic's "Plunger Selection Guide" - see the 'PDF' tab to view it.


This plunger selection guide includes plungers for Type B, F, and N, as well as Type K and Donut Robots. When selecting your plunger, be sure to choose the part number shown for depositor type "B, F" in the top half of the selection table.

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