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Oct 22

BelshawAdamatic Staff

BX Eco-touch convection oven: now Energy Star qualified

by BelshawAdamatic Staff

With its awesome feature set - including steam injection which can be programmed to occur at a precise time in the bake cycle - it's an oven that saves time, reduces errors, makes an awesome product, and is fun to use and depend on every day! The BX Eco-touch was designed from the ground up for demanding QSR, bakery-café, and supermarket environments and has seen over 3,000 installations in the USA.

Reasons why the BX oven is named "Eco-touch"?

"ECO" because of energy saving features such as ...

  • - Excellent insulation allows consumption of less electricity than competing models
  • - Goes into "sleep mode" when idle
  • - Shuts off entirely after a programmed amount of time
  • - And has a 7 day timer for startup.

"TOUCH" because of its advanced touch screen panel and control system...

  • - The BX Eco-touch has a graphical touch screen interface that presents employees with a clean set of graphical menus to choose from.
  • - Stores 240 programs which can control the oven in every detail throughout the length of the bake cycle
  • - Programs can be uploaded in full - or altered on the spot with password access

Call us at 1-800-BELSHAW, email us using the Quick Contact Form, or contact any one of our distributors for further info. 

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BelshawAdamatic Staff
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