Nov 21

BelshawAdamatic Staff

Changes to the Adamatic product line

by BelshawAdamatic Staff

Belshaw Adamatic is symbolic of two great brands joining together in the Bakery Industry. Belshaw has served the baking industry for over 90 years and is considered the premier manufacturer of retail and industrial donut equipment. Adamatic, founded in 1962, designed and manufactured quality and innovative divider rounders and complete roll lines for wholesale bakeries in the USA, Canada and overseas.

A testament to the superior design, quality, and performance of our Adamatic line is the growing number of customers that choose to refurbish and rebuild their Dividers and Roll Lines. The growth of this business has outpaced new Roll Line sales the past few years, therefore a decision has been reached at the Belshaw Adamatic Bakery Group to no longer offer complete Roll Lines.

Jack Sluke, our Adamatic Field Service Manager (with over thirty years of Adamatic experience!), along with our dedicated sales & service team will continue to support parts and rebuilds for our VDR’s , NDR’s and existing Roll lines.

We will continue to offer our exclusive (and ever popular) 1-3 pocket ADR-2 Divider Rounder.

Another significant piece of the Adamatic business being retained is our product offering of Glimek Bread Makeup Lines and Bakery Equipment to our North America customers. Glimek is Europe’s foremost bakery equipment supplier with an equipment lineup ranging from dividers, proofers, and moulders to hoists, hoppers and other auxiliary bakery equipment. Glimek equipment offers so much quality and reliability that it is rare to find a Glimek owner who is not satisfied with the purchase! The Adamatic + Glimek partnership has grown over a period of 30 years and the name for quality and performance have become synonymous.

We strongly believe this business decision will benefit our customers through a more focused effort in meeting and exceeding their needs. While we understand there will be some disappointment in the decision to exit the roll line business, we are excited about Adamatic’s future as we will focus upon with the ADR-2, the Glimek line, and our ability to service and provide parts for the existing VDR, NDR, and roll lines in the field. We are confident that these actions taken to simplify our business and focus on the future will benefit our valuable customers.

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