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Inspired Insiders

by BelshawAdamatic Staff

The Insider is Belshaw's fully integrated, UL-certified ventless donut center that can be located almost anywhere. Here are some recent examples in Long Island and in Connecticut. Each delivers its own kind of inspiration! 

Stew Leonard's is a well known supermarket in the northeastern states. Their Insiders with Donut Robot Mark II produce great apple cider donuts, as well as other seasonal flavors. It's safe to say they are a hit with customers! This photo came from a news story about the newly opened Farmingdale supermarket by the Stamford Advocate.

Belshaw Insider ventless donut center at Stew Leonards

Here's what Stew Leonard's has done with their Insider in Newington, CT. It sure looks like wood siding that's been used to blend with the down home atmosphere of the supermarket itself. See for yourself, the photo came from "EAT UP New England", a food blog.

Now for something very different ~ but again in Long Island! This Insider can be found in a new and growing bakery / donut shop called "Doughology", in Lynbrook. The owners' story of coming to the business is inspirational, all by itself. And in their hands, it's not your average donut that's being made in there! It's amazing what you can do with cake donuts!

These are just a a couple of 'Insider stories', from one part of the USA. We are so proud to have played a part in them! And big thanks to our wonderful distributors in the Northeast ~ Unisource Food Equipment in New York State and MPM Food Equipment in Connecticut. When it comes to any kind of food equipment, they are the ones to call! 

PS - Send your story ~ and your feedback about Belshaw donut equipment ~ to info@belshaw.com.

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