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May 14

BelshawAdamatic Staff

'Supersized' Installation #1: 6 Century Donut Lines

by BelshawAdamatic Staff

Belshaw Adamatic has had the privilege of installing hundreds of industrial donut systems, some of them in very surprising locations. This year, however, the company completed the largest Century donut system ever installed, a set of six Century donut production lines running side by side and producing numerous donut varieties simultaneously. The Century Donut System is designed to be flexible and expandable and these lines take full advantage of that fact. We appreciate the opportunity we were given by a top-notch bakery and donut production plant near Chicago, USA.

This installation included:

(6) Century C14-24G donut fryers, 14 feet/4.3 meters long, holding 200 donuts at a time
(4) TM6 proofers, for yeast-raised donuts
(3) MDDRF6 Depositors, for cake donuts
(6) GL24 Automated glazers
(6) SL24 Screen Loaders
(6) HI24 Icers
(2) Sugaring Machines
(4) Water Meters
+ Plus assorted conveyors

The full capacity of the system?  Approximately 3,300 dozen full size donuts per hour. The yeast-raised donut lines were synchronized with automated dough makeup lines by Rondo-Doge. The bakery, which runs 12 hours per day, delivers daily to multiple outlets.

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