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May 13

BelshawAdamatic Staff

'Supersized' installation #2: How to collaborate on an industrial sized donut line

by BelshawAdamatic Staff

Belshaw Adamatic knows how to collaborate! This was a very different installation to Supersized Installation #1 (posted previously). Instead of six mid-sized ‘Century’ lines, a single High-Volume donut line was installed. Much of the final product was packaged, and there was no requirement to produce multiple varieties at once, as was the case with Installation #1.

This unique High Volume donut production line included components from:

  • JBT Foodtech  (TFF-IV THERMoFIN® Fryer)
  • Belshaw Adamatic  (High Volume Industrial Proofer)
  • Belshaw Adamatic  (High Speed Cake donut depositor)
  • Rondo-Doge  (Dough makeup line)
  • Kess Industries  (High Volume Glazer)
  • IJ White Systems  (Conveyors)

The line runs with a capacity of 2,000 dozen full size donuts per hour. The plant is located in Wisconsin, USA and serves surrounding states. We were very fortunate to be able to provide equipment for this highly advanced bakery!

The ongoing partnership between Belshaw Adamatic and JBT FoodTech enables wholesale bakeries to take advantage of the combination of Belshaw Adamatic’s donut and bakery equipment expertise and JBT FoodTech’s clean frying technologies, with fryers from 18 to 40 feet in length, and all components synchronized.

We encourage all those in the high volume donut production business, or contemplating entry into this business anywhere in the world, to contact us and find out what we can offer, by calling 800-578-2547, or using on the quick contact form on the home page, or emailing info@belshaw.com.

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