May 16

BelshawAdamatic Staff

The 'Insider' is UL-certified, ready to go, and now in 2 sizes

by BelshawAdamatic Staff

During the past year, a lot of people called about our ‘Insider’ Ventless Cabinet and donut system that operates in stadiums, stores and public areas. Unfortunately, we had to tell them that the Insider needed a new certification (UL710B, concerning ventilation and clean air). And until the certification came in, we couldn’t recommend it.

What’s changed in 2013?  The Insider is fully certified again. But we also used the time to make 2 sizes instead of one. A larger Insider can now house a Donut Robot Mark V or Mark V GP (for mini donuts), while the original Insider handles a Mark II or Mark II GP as before.

So to anyone who was interested in the Insider last year - this time we’ll be able to give you the response you wanted to hear: the Insider is fully functional and ready to go again!  As you can see from the photos, it’s not just a really well-designed Ventless donut system, it’s also a great looking concept that interacts with customers and pulls in passers-by! For more ‘inside’ information, call us at 800-578-2547, use the quick contact form on the home page, or email us at .

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BelshawAdamatic Staff
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