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Why cake donuts are flourishing

by BelshawAdamatic Staff

Did you add up all the expenditures needed to start your donut business, and find yourself facing a list of unexpectedly high costs?

Here's a short cut that may give you fresh hope.

You probably assumed that you'll make yeast-raised donuts, mixing and cutting dough, proofing, frying and finally glazing or icing. And after that, you'll also make a few varieties of cake donuts using a depositor to drop batter straight to the fryer. 

This article in Bake magazine shows how it's possible to succeed with cake donuts only!

The secret is to let your cake donuts come forward and take a star turn for themselves. Pour extra creativity into your toppings. Use tangy flavors like pomegranite, raspberry and lemon in your glazes and icings, and your customers' taste buds will pop. And they will pass on this experience to people they know! 

Check out the article here: Why cake donuts are flourishing

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Belshaw Adamatic hopes to be of service to you in your donut business!

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