Belshaw Century Donut System

Mid-Sized Industrial Donut Production Lines from 140 to 800+ dozen/hour

CENTURY is Belshaw Adamatic's mid-sized commissary and wholesale donut production line. The Century donut system allows producers to choose their equipment and production capacity from models available between 140 and 800+ dozen/hour.

The Century system allows producers to choose equipment and production capacity from models available between 140 and 730 dozen/hour. With over 200 Century systems in operation worldwide, Belshaw Adamatic can provide reliable service and support throughout the life of your system. Straightline and curved layouts are available to fit most locations.

The Century system includes:

  • DONUT FRYERS - Gas and electric models with capacity from 140 to more than 800 dozen/hour. Lengths from 6-18 feet (2-5.5 meters). Widths from 16, 24 or 36 inches, to fit 4, 6, or 8 standard donuts across. Various turner, submerger, and PLC control options are available. Premixed gas is standard on fryers C10-24 and larger.
  • DONUT PROOFERS - Belshaw's Thermomatic proofermodels match the capacity and speed of any Century fryer. Numerous options include dust-free proofing, an extended outfeed horn which can be lifted to make room for a cake donut depositor, and PLC control integrated with the fryer.
  • CAKE DONUT DEPOSITORS - Industry standard Multimatic models, fixed or multispaced, with automatic weight change option. Belshaw's exclusive High Speed Depositors offer speeds up to 100 cuts per minute for mini donuts.
  • DONUT GLAZING AND COOLING MACHINES - Glazing and cooling lines can be assembled to fit any capacity and space requirement (U shaped, L-shaped, Straightline, and 90° configurations). An automated screen loader is available for loading donuts onto icing/glazing screens.
  • DONUT ICERS - Belshaw's HI24F Screen Icer ices 3 dozen donuts simultaneously on a glazing screen, for a capacity in excess of 180 dozen/hour for each Icer.

Belshaw will work with you to supply the optimum system for your needs. Download a Century system brochure or catalog, and feel free to contact your Belshaw Industrial Equipment Sales Manager to discuss your equipment needs!

For manuals and technical support, please contact Belshaw Adamatic Service Department directly at 800-578-2547 or email

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