Belshaw High Volume Industrial Donut Systems

High capacity industrial donut production equipment, from the combined resources of Belshaw and JBT Foodtech.

High efficiency, heavy-duty commercial donut systems with options specified by the end user and capacity from to 10,000 to 20,000+ standard size donuts per hour, with even higher capacities for mini donuts. These systems are proven in commercial operations in major bakeries in the USA and overseas.

Belshaw offers High Volume industrial donut production lines for wholesalers, with fryer models from 18 to 40 feet in length with capacity from to 10,000 to 20,000+ donuts per hour, with even greater capacities for mini donuts.

Belshaw High Volume systems include industrial-grade fryer, proofer and heated glazer. They can be electronically synchronized with makeup lines and other auxiliary equipment.

Buyers have 2 fryer options, either a Belshaw High Volume fryer, or a JBT Foodtech TTF-IV fryer with Belshaw donut conveyor.

  • JBT FoodTech TTF-IV FRYER - Frying lengths from 18 to 40 feet (5.5 to 12.2m), with very low shortening volume, continuous filtration and sediment removal (optional), and electrically heated with JBT FoodTech’s THERMoFIN® heat exchanger technologies. 
  • BELSHAW HIGH VOLUME FRYER – Frying lengths from 18 to 32 feet (5.5 to 9.75m) with turbo premix gas heat system, PLC control, sediment extraction and a full set of features needed for wholesale bakery operations.
  • PROOFER - Multi-zone proofer with capacity to match all industrial fryers and any temperature, humidity, and speed requirements. Dust free options are available with all proofers.
  • MINI DONUT / CAKE DONUT DEPOSITOR - Belshaw Adamatic's High Speed depositing technology allows our PLC controlled depositors to match the capacity of any industrial fryer, with high speed deposit rates of up to 100 cycles per minute.
  • HEATED GLAZER – Up to 48” in operational width with continuously mixed warmed glaze to give a consistent glaze coat on demand.
  • CONFIGURABLE WITH DONUT MAKEUP LINES - Belshaw Adamatic/JBT donut production lines are configurable with high capacity makeup lines.

Belshaw Adamatic will work with you to supply an industrial-grade donut system that meets your expectations. Feel free to contact your Belshaw Adamatic Industrial Equipment Sales Manager to discuss your equipment needs.

For manuals and technical support, please contact Belshaw Adamatic Service Department directly at 800-578-2547 or email

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