BX10 Eco-touch Convection Oven

For those 'special' bakery items that need a perfect bake, as well as consistent quality all through the day.

10 full-size tray convection oven with every feature needed to produce a great bake including programmable steam injection. The result is great control of crust depth, shine, and coloration. BX10 comes with the same touch screen controller as the BX4, for precision control of all aspects of the bake program, and making it simple for employees to choose from clear menus.

The BX10 Eco-touch Convection Oven has shelves for ten 26" x 18" baking pans with 3.5" space between shelves. With a design and constrution similar to Belshaw Adamatic's BX4 Eco-touch  the BX10  is designed to be the first choice in convection ovens for in-store and neighborhood bakeries. The BX10 is a great oven to use for those high quality items that need a special bake program with steam injection at just the right time. The result is great control of crust depth, shine, and coloration.

The BX10 features the 'Eco-touch' touch screen controller. Using menus and images that operators can use without special training, the Ecotouch controller makes programs that can take full advantage of the oven's capabilities. Bakery employees will use a display that's so clear, it's hard to go wrong - with even a 'Favorites' menu. Under the hood, the Eco-touch controller makes it possible to construct a detailed bake program for each bakery item, including steam duration, damper open/shut, fan direction and more. 

When not in use, Sleep mode and auto-shutdown are available, as well as more features such as on-board diagnostics and optional voice prompts and a startup schedule for each day of the week.

In addition, the BX10 is highly energy efficient due to its high quality rigid insulation, and includes energy saving features such as Sleep mode (returns to stand-by temperature) Auto-start and auto-shutdown. Insulation and other construction features are the same as the Energy Star-qualified BX4. 

All BX10 ovens are 208V/60Hz/3-phase. See PDF Spec sheet and brochure for details and specifications. 

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