AutoFiller Donut Injector

Jelly, Jam, Custard and Creme Injector for Donuts and Pastry

The new Jelly Filler that's designed for donut production first! ETL Sanitation Listed, conforms to NSF /ANSI Standard 8.

AutoFiller is Belshaw Adamatic's new Jelly, Jam and Creme Injector that's designed for donut production first! The injector doesn't occupy much space, but the donuts you can inject in just 15-30 minutes could be enough to fill up whole display case! This is a simple to use machine, with the power base sealed and maintenance free. The injector/hopper unit can be easily cleaned since it contains only a few components. The AutoFiller comes with a pair of standard size 7/16" nozzles for regular donuts, plus optional 5/16" nozzles for small donuts or donut 'holes'. Also standard: one pair of 4-prong spouts (4 min spouts for Croissant Donuts, or any other kind of donut).


  • 6 quart hopper
  • Delivers 1/6 oz to 16 oz each side
  • Fills up to 1,200 pcs/hour depending on volume
  • 2 stainless steel 7/16" diameter nozzles (standard)
  • 2 four-prong spouts for Croissant Donuts (or any other kind of donut) - standard
  • 5/16" miniature nozzles (optional)
  • Minimizes mess and waste
  • Simple digital operation
  • Easy-clean drip tray under spouts
  • Trigger activation when inserting product (when the drip tray is nudged forward, the pump activates)
  • Pump reverses at the end of each fill to prevent dripping
  • No installation required
  • Easy to clean with warm water +mild detergent
  • Attractive durable coated-plastic exterior
  • Maintenance-free
  • Extra hoppers and spouts available
  • 120Volts, 60 Watts (1/12 HP motor)
  • ETL Sanitation Listed
  • Conforms to NSF /ANSI Standard 8.



Below: Introduction to AutoFiller

Below: AutoFiller quick cleaning guide. In addition to watching this video, please be sure to read and follow the instructions in the manual!

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