Donut Robot® Mark II GP (Gas)

Automated Donut Maker for mini donuts. Capacity 153 dozen/hour, gas-heated.

This gas-heated Mini Donut Maker produces high quality well-formed mini donuts right out of the box. Capacity is approximately 102 dozen minis per hour. This machine runs on gas and low-wattage 120V or 240V power, so you can take it with you almost anywhere!
  • Gas heated donut machine with electrically powered conveyor and depositor, capacity approximately 102 dozen minis per hour (at 90sec fry time).
  • Requires 360 Watts of 120V or 240V power.
  • Deposits 4 mini donuts per conveyor row using a double 1-inch plunger. A half-speed switch cuts output to 2 per row
  • 40,000 BTU per hour
  • Natural Gas and Liquid Propane models available (must be specified)
  • Makes consistent well-formed mini donuts with synchronized depositor
  • Dial for easily adjusting size of donut
  • Automatic conveyor with automatic donut turner
  • Speed is adjustable by dial on control panel
  • Outfeed belt dispenses donuts into collection device such as Roto-Cooler
  • High temperature shut-down switch
  • Hopper, plunger, conveyor, and kettle are all removable for easy cleaning
  • See below for accessories and options
  • Not compatible with Insider Ventless Cabinet (compatible with electric machines only)

This video shows a Donut Robot Mark II making standard size and mini donuts. The Mark II Gas is very similar (a new control panel and extra height to accomodate gas burners are the only difference).

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