Donut Robot® Mark VI Automated System

Mark VI Donut System with Century Proofer and other automated machines. Capacity 91 dozen/hour

This Century-Donut Robot® Mark VI production line is comprised of Mark VI-Deep Fryer, combined with a Type F depositor and Belshaw's Century Thermomatic Proofer and other automated Century Line components

Belshaw Adamatic's Donut Robot® Mark VI DEEP Fryer can be matched with Belshaw's Century proofer and glazer to form an automated Mark VI-Century system. This system produces a full variety of cake donuts, making use of a Belshaw Type F depositor. Raised donuts are processed in an automatic proofer which transfers automatically into the Fryer. Both cake and yeast-raised donuts can equal or surpass the best donuts made by standard kettle fryers or automated systems.

The Mark VI DEEP fryer is similar to the Standard Mark VI. However, spacing on the conveyor is 4.5 inches to allow room for extra large donuts. The depth of shortening is 2 inches deeper and the conveyor can accept 2 turners if required. Production capacity is about 20% lower than the standard Mark VI because of the increased conveyor row spacing.

  • All electric donut machine, with automatic conveyor, turner, and outfeed belt
  • Cake donuts: Makes a full variety of cake donuts using electric Type F depositor purchased separately, capacity approximately 91 dozen donuts per hour, at 95 seconds frying time
  • Yeast-Raised donuts: makes excellent yeast-raised donuts with the addition of optional Feed Table, Trays, and Cloths, capacity approximately 78 dozen donuts per hour, at 110 seconds frying time
  • Speed is adjustable by dial on control panel
  • Heavy duty elements, with high temperature shut-down switch
  • Conveyor and kettle are all removable for easy cleaning
  • 3 phase power supply required, with voltages available for all countries
  • Standard North America models certified to UL, NSF and CSA
  • Machines shipped to European Union conform to CE regulations
  • Australia/NZ, Japan, and other worldwide models available
  • See below for accessories and options for a Yeast-Raised donut system with Century components such as proofer, glazer and icer.

Feel free to contact your Belshaw Adamatic distributor at your convenience for help with assembling a Mark VI system!

For manuals and technical support, please contact Belshaw Adamatic Service Department directly at 800-578-2547 or email

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Type F Cake Donut Depositor

Type F Cake Donut Depositor


Electric Depositor for high quality cake donuts $0.00 more details
Column Mounting Kit - Type B/F

Column Mounting Kit


Supports Type B or F cake donut depositors $0.00 more details
Plungers and Cylinders for Type B and Type F

Plungers and Cylinders for Type B/F


Includes plungers, cylinders and attachments $0.00 more details
EZMELT34 Shortening Melter-Filter

EZMELT34 Shortening Melter-Filter


The best filtration system for 734CG, 734FG, and Donut Robot Mark VI. Melts, filters and pumps back on demand. $0.00 more details
Long Drain with Valve

Drain with Valve for Mark II / Mark V


Drains shortening quickly and easily into EZMelt 18 or other receptacle $0.00 more details
Support Table for Donut Robot® Fryers

Support Table for Donut Robots®


Supports all Donut Robot® fryers and Rack Loader. Also houses EZMelt. $0.00 more details
Support table for Donut Robot® Feed Tables

Support Table for Feed Tables


Supports all Donut Robot® Feed Tables $0.00 more details

Dual Automatic Depositor


For 110 dozen/hour cake donuts on a Mark VI or Mark VI Deep $0.00 more details