Filter-Flo Siphon

Siphon system for filtering donut shortening

Compatible with 616B, Cut-N-Fry, Donut Robot® Mark II, Mark II GP, Mark II Gas, Mark II GP Gas, Mark V, and Mark V GP fryers

The Filter-Flo is a dependable heavy duty siphon that extracts and filters shortening from fryers, in situations where there is no room for a built-in drain, or if your fryer has no built-in drain. A squeeze of the large bulb starts the flow which can empty a Mark II in a few minutes. A reusable cloth filter cleans as the liquid passes through. Note: the Filter-Flo requires a customer-supplied leakproof container for filtered shortening to pour into. Filter-Flo is not needed if you already have a shortening filter such as SF or EZMelt.

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Cloth Filter Cones for Filter Flo Siphon

Cloth Filter Cones for Filter Flo Siphon


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