INSIDER Ventless Donut System - Mark II GP

Mobile, Ventless mini donut fryer system (approx 102 dozen mini donuts per hour)

The Insider-II-GP Clean-Air system includes Insider Cabinet, Donut Robot® Mark II automated donut maker and Roto-Cooler, plus filtering options. This Insider is for mini donuts only.

The Insider is Belshaw Adamatic's ventless donut frying system that eliminates the need for a standard exhaust hood. With its ability to operate indoors, the Insider offers unique benefits:

  • The Insider can be easily moved from one place to another. The exhaust hood is built-in and there is no exterior ductwork.
  • The Insider is designed to attract the interest of passers-by. With its large window viewing area and attractive appearance the Insider has great merchandising potential.
  • Customers in high traffic areas can watch the Insider frying donuts automatically. The operator has only to mix batter, fill the Donut Robot® hopper and bag donuts from the Roto-Cooler, a rotating tray that collects the donuts automatically.
  • The Insider accepts vehicle-style banner wraps (see photos)
  • The Insider eliminates the purchase and installation cost of standard ventilation and fire suppression hoods.
  • The Insider-II-GP Clean-Air system includes Insider Cabinet, Donut Robot® Mark II GP automatic fryer, and Roto-Cooler.
  • 2 Filtering options are available (See Accessories)
    • The EZMelt Melter-Filter is recommended.
    • A Filter-Flo Siphon can also be used as an alternative
  • The Insider addresses fire prevention, air filtration, and sanitation requirements. Cabinet and fryers are tested by ETL and listed to UL-197, UL-710B, CSA C22.2 and NSF-4 standards.


This video shows the Insider with Donut Robot Mark II. The Mark V has identical features as the Mark II, but is longer with approximately 50% more capacity.

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EZMELT18 Shortening Melter-Filter

EZMELT18 Shortening Melter-Filter


The best filtration system for 618, 718LCG-LFG, Donut Robot Mark 2, 2GP, 5, 5GP. Warms, filters, refills on demand. $0.00 more details
Fill Hose for EZMelt 18, 42" long, INSIDER

Fill Hose for EZMelt 18


Provides fixed connection to pump shortening from EZMelt to fryer (for Insider) $0.00 more details
Filter-Flo Siphon

Filter-Flo Siphon


Siphon system for filtering donut shortening $0.00 more details