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Donut Robot® Mark II GP

Automatic fryer for fast production of mini donuts. Capacity 102 dozen/hour, with electric power and heat.

Mark II GP produces well formed, high quality mini donuts. 'GP' models are specialized for fast production, with conveyor bars that are closer together than standard Donut Robots. If you need to make minis AND standard donuts, then a standard Donut Robot® is the answer, with the mini donut option. The Mark II GP is compatible with Insider Ventless and Donut Robot® Mark II GP systems. There's no easier, more dependable way to make mini donuts! And for even more speed, choose Mark V GP.

Type of donut

Mini donuts only


Up to 2 inch (51 mm)


1220 per hour (102 dozen) @ 90 seconds frying time


All worldwide voltages, 1 or 3 phase, 4.4 - 5.9 KW



No standing over the fryer - the operator is free to bag and sell donuts, mix batter, and take care of other business. Donuts are dispensed to a Roto-Cooler for sugaring, icing or glazing. Customers and passers-by are fascinated by the Donut Robot®!

  • Electronic temperature controller - holds correct temperature much better than old style thermostats.
  • Automatically deposits 4 mini donuts per conveyor row.
  • 'Half-speed' switch available for depositing 2 mini donuts per conveyor row.
  • Double mini plunger, 1 inch (25.4 mm) diameter.
  • Conveyor bars guide donuts in rows 3 inches apart (76 mm).
  • Hopper holds 10 lbs (4.5 kg) batter, volume = 10 quart (9.5 liter).
  • Depositor can be adjusted for smaller or larger donuts.
  • Adjustable frying time from 60 to 300 seconds.
  • Normally requires a ventilation and fire suppression hood indoors - unless used with Insider Ventless system.

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Drain and valve. Drains require a hole in the fryer's supporting table.

EZMelt filter. Keeps your shortening cleaner than any other method, and saves  lots of time as well. 

Filter-Flo siphon. Can be used instead of drain and valve, to extract and filter shortening.

Shortening reserve tank. Enables you to easily insert shortening as needed.

Video shows Donut Robot Mark II electric. The two fryers are similar!