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Donut Robot® Mark II GP (Gas)

Automatic fryer for fast production of mini donuts. Capacity 102 dozen/hour, gas heated.

Mark II GP Gas runs on gas heat and a small amount of electricity, so you can take it with you almost anywhere! 'GP' models are specialized for fast production of high quality, well formed mini donuts, with conveyor bars that are closer together than standard Donut Robots. If you need to make minis AND standard donuts, then a standard Mark II Gas is the answer, with the mini donut option. The Mark II GP Gas is compatible with Donut Robot® Mark II GP Gas systems. There's no easier, more dependable way to make mini donuts!

Type of donut

Mini donuts only

Donut size

Up to 2 inch (51 mm)


1220 per hour (102 dozen) @ 90 seconds frying time


Natural Gas OR Liquid Propane, 35,000 BTU

Power (for conveyor and depositor)

120V or 240V, 0.36 KW

Certification (all models)


Certification (Propane models only)

ANSI Z83.11-2016, CSA 1.8-2016