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DX Eco-Touch Deck Oven

Combines the best of traditional baking techniques with modern engineering and unparalleled bake control.

For bakeries that need the latest and best in artisan-style bread baking!

  • Each deck has a single piece hearth stone and separate top/bottom temperature control. 
  • Each deck has its own steam system, so you can achieve the amount of crust that you prefer. 
  • Each deck is controlled by the user-friendly 'Eco-touch' touchscreen for easy programming and easy use.

Number of decks

1 - 5

Baking area, 2-wide decks

56 inch Wide x 32 inch Deep (1416 x 819 mm)

Baking area, 3-wide decks

74½ inch Wide x 32 inch Deep (1890 x 819 mm)





The DX Eco-touch gives you the artisan-style products that your customers crave!

For a full feature list, download the DX Eco-touch spec sheet (in 'Resources' below).

  • Independent controls for top and bottom heating elements to create the perfect balance of heat
  • Single piece, heavy sole plates for evenly distributed bottom heat perfect for traditional oven-bottom baked bread
  • Patented Cumulus Steam Generating System
  • Protection System ensures oven controls never overheat
  • Provides a gentle mellow bake each and every time
  • Rapid heat recovery rate
  • Simple damper facility for expelling air
  • Illuminated bake chamber using halogen bulbs with external access
  • Generous, thick slabs of rock wool insulation deliver exceptional heat retention
  • 1 year parts/labor warranty

The 'Eco-touch' touchscreen controller is renowned for its easy programming and easy use - even by bakery novices!

  • Menu interface for fast, easy, and mistake free usage. Icons and illustrations are used for menu selection.
  • Up to 240 bake programs. Settings can be changed while the program is running.
  • 'Favorites' menu accesses the most frequently used programs
  • 7-day timer to start oven at selected times, ready for every shift. 4 events can be programmed for each day of the week.
  • 'Help' function at top of every screen
  • 'Sleep mode' returns each oven to a selected standby temperature to reduce energy consumption up to 66%
  • Auto-shutdown to prevent ovens from being left on by mistake
  • Diagnostics function to monitor performance and report status, while ovens are running
  • Voice prompts such as "Door Open", "Bake Over", etc can be activated as desired. (Standard alert tones and buzzers are also available)
  • All functions can be uploaded and downloaded via USB. This includes recipes, sounds and tones, logos, icons, images and software.


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