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Glimek Bread Line 300 (Summary)

Based on 2-pocket SD300 Dough Divider, with Intermediate Proofer

Glimek's Bread Line 300 is well suited for continuous service in midsized bakeries. It handles a very wide variety of dough types and bread sizes, with options available for specific requirements. As with all Glimek products, the attention to detail and the quality of the build are unsurpassed. Includes:

  • SD300 Dough Divider Capacity 1500-3000 pcs/hr, weight range 150-1150 g as 2-pocket divider. Capacity 750-1500 pcs/hr, weight range 250-2300 g as 1-pocket. Variable speed with frequency converter, PLC Touch screen panel, 90 liter stainless steel hopper, non-stick coated.
  • (Alternate) SD600 Multi pocket dough divider Weight range 150-1000 g as 3-pocket and 250-1700/100-700 gr as 2/4 pocket. Variable speed with frequency converter, PLC Touch screen panel, 100 liter stainless steel hopper, non-stick coated.
  • CR400 Cone Rounder with centrally adjustable non-stick coated tracks, infeed at 6 o'clock, outfeed at 12 o'clock, outfeed chute and mechanical flour duster.
  • IPP10/48 Intermediate Proofer Variable speed, with dual infeed conveyor L = 750 mm, centrally placed, photocell controlled, non-stick coated infeed V-belt conveyors. Flap system guides the dough pieces after the rounder. Compressed air is required. Electric control panel under projecting overhang, electric sockets for divider, rounder and moulder, outfeed cross conveyor. Proofing time 9.3 min at 3000 pcs/h.
  • MO881 Moulder Centrally adjustable infeed in the hopper, three pair of rollers, timing belt drive, two separate pressure boards and collection tray.

Visit Glimek's Bread Line 300 web page for extra information. Belshaw Adamatic and Glimek will configure a make up line that satisfies your specific requirements, and deliver it to your bakery.

Capacity range with SD300

750 - 3000 pcs/hr

Weight range with SD300

5¼ - 80 oz (150 - 2300 g)

Power required (standard configuration)

6.63 kw

Dimensions, typical configuration

132 x 198 x 122 inch (W x D x H)

Dimensions (cm)

344 x 502 x 310 cm (W x D x H)