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Glimek IPP6/22 Intermediate Pocket Proofer

132-pocket proofer for Glimek Bread Line 180.

The Intermediate Pocket Proofer (IPP) is one of the most flexible pocket proofers on the market. With the IPP it is easy to adjust the dough resting time to fit the needs of your dough. The IPP can be easily configured to match your makeup line capacity and the proofing times required for the products you are making. 6, 8, 10 or 12 pockets are possible. Dough weight can be 100 to 1500 g (3½ to 52 oz). A choice of one or two infeed systems will accept either 1800 or 3000 pieces per hour. IPP is available in configurations from 132 up to 1128 effective pockets (with larger proofers available on request). The IPP proofer operates very quietly. The encapsulated design prevents skin from forming on the dough. And it's designed by Glimek, with careful attention to details which make the proofer flexible, easy to use and easy to clean, with an exceptionally long service life.

  • IPP6/22 is configured below as typical for use with Glimek Bread Line 180. Your configuration may vary. 
  • One infeed is possible for IPP6/22. No air supply is necessary.


1,800 pieces/hour

Weight range

3½ - 52 oz (100-1500 g )

Number of infeeds


Number of pockets wide


Total effective pockets


Proofing time @1,800/hour

4 min 20 sec

Power supply

6.4 kiloWatt (including connected make-up machines)

The IPP6/32 is recommended as typical for Glimek Bread Line 180. Your particular requirements may vary.

More information is available from the IPP Brochure (see "Resources" below) and at

  • Models with 6-, 8-, 10-, or 12-pockets swings.
  • Modular system for up to 1128 pockets net as standard.
  • Stainless steel execution - easy to keep clean.
  • Flexible layout - choice of infeed position.
  • Weight range 100-1500 grams.
  • 2 different infeed systems, capacity up to 1800 or 3000 pcs/hour.
  • Encapsulated design - prevents skin forming on the dough.
  • Non-stick coated transfer box.
  • Motor drive directly on shaft (no chains or timing belts).
  • Operation panel easy accessible under projecting overhang.
  • Electrical cabinet at working height with power supply and sockets for divider, rounder and moulder.
  • Parts in blue for better detection and food security.

More information is available from the IPP Brochure (see "Resources" below) and at

  • Collection drawers.
  • UV-lighting.
  • Synchronized speed with divider.
  • Outfeed cross conveyor (Standard for IPP3000).
  • Outfeed cross conveyor, reversible, additional price.
  • Guiding plates.
  • Humidification system.
  • Outlet sliding plate (Not available for IPP3000).
  • Infeed from back side.
  • Common E-Stop - Use the emergency stop from any component in the bread line to completely stop the machines included in the line. As standard you must push the IPP emergency stop to stop all machines.