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belshaw N-1033 short arm column mount
belshaw N-1036 long arm wall mount
belshaw-type N-wall-mount
belshaw N-1034 long arm column mount
belshaw bracket plate adapter kit P-1000
precision height adjuster

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Mounting Kits for Type N

For securely mounting your Type N cake donut depositor.

The Type N was designed to work with Belshaw's 616B Cut-N-Fry system. The mounting system is supplied with every Cut-N-Fry - you do not need to make a separate purchase. 

For other situations, Type N has 3 mounting systems - either to your existing 616B fryer, or to a wall. 

The Short Arm Column Mount attaches the depositor to your 616B fryer, exactly as supplied on our Cut-N-Fry system. To convert your 616B fryer to Cut-N-Fry, choose this kit.

The Long Arm Column Mount attaches the depositor to any suitable fryer. You may need a stiffening plate (Bracket Plate kit P-1000) to hold the mounting kit. Consult with a Belshaw Service Technician before purchase.

The Wall Mount attaches your depositor to the wall behind your fryer. The installation must be very dependable and secure. If you move the fryer, you must re-install the Wall Mount. It is sometimes a good solution if a Type N depositor is combined with a different fryer. 

A simple Lock Collar is supplied with both Mounting Kits to set your depositor height about 1¼ to 1½" above the shortening (30-40 mm). The optional Precision Height Adjuster is useful for making faster, more accurate height adjustments.

Part # N-1033

Type N Short-Arm Column Mounting Kit for 616B Fryer (as used by "Cut-N-Fry" system)

Part # N-1034

Type N Long-Arm Column Mounting Kit for other fryers (unusual)

Part # N-1036

Wall Mounting Kit for Type N

Part # 0400

Precision Height Adjuster for Type B, F or N (Column Mounts only)