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OVEN-2020 Double Rack Oven

The new benchmark in Rack Ovens, for rapid heat, energy efficiency and standard features.

Belshaw Adamatic's Oven-2020 gives bakeries the newest option in Rack Ovens. Energy and performance data from FSTC and UL® show that Oven-2020 is the fastest heating and most energy efficient Double Rack Oven among major manufacturers. It includes more standard features than competitors, and even comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty. 

  • Oven-2020's fast heat delivery will shorten your production schedule, with less time spent waiting for your oven to heat up (see Oven Features, below).
  • Bakers can use the image-based touchscreen to select the correct bake program, and the oven does the rest  (see Touch Screen Features, below).
  • Oven-2020 is certified by UL and qualifies for Energy Star and gas company rebates.


1 double rack / 2 single racks

Rack Lift styles

A, B, C (A accepts double rack only)




USA-Canada-Mexico-Central/South America


UL, EnergyStar

For full specifications, a video of Oven-2020 in action and other brochures, see 'Resources' below!

  • Holds 1 double rack or 2 single racks.
  • Accepts A, B or C-style racks, as selected by customer. (The A-style lift accepts one double rack only)
  • 275 kBTU/hr heating system.
  • Modulating gas supply, resulting in:
    • Reduced temperature fluctuation, normally ± 5° F (3° C)
    • Reduced heat loss
    • Reduced energy
  • Fast start-up and recovery times*
    • Start-up time: 8:17 minutes.
    • Recovery time: 2:10 minutes.
  • Low energy consumption*
    • Start-up energy (37.8 kBTU)
    • Baking energy efficiency (66%)
    • Idle energy rate (17 kBTU/hr)

*Source: FSTC Food Service Technology Center and UL®

  • Flash spray steam system - delivers the right amount of steam, at the right time.
  • Full-featured touch-screen controller (see 'Touch Screen' at right)
  • Oven can be converted between Natural Gas and Propane, no additional hardware required.
  • No high altitude configuration required (auto adjusting).
  • Large 18 inch air circulation fan.
  • Triple pane, cool-to-touch viewing window. Exterior pane opens separately for cleaning.
  • Field reversible door with full height handle. Standard oven is hinged on right side.
  • Bright LED interior lighting.
  • Analog Backup Bake control, standard on all units.
  • Built-in rear casters to facilitate installation.
  • Certified by UL® for safety, sanitation and energy efficiency.
  • Qualifies for Energy Star® and other rebates.
  • Awarded Blue Flame Product of the Year by Gas Foodservice Equipment Consortium, for energy efficient gas solutions.
  • Designed, manufactured and serviced in USA.
  • 2 year parts and labor warranty.

The easy to use, full featured touch screen is standard on all ovens. 

  • 100 Recipes
  • Bake program can be started by tapping a product photo
  • Manual Bake Settings
  • Auto-On timer if desired
  • Auto-Off timer if desired
  • Idle Mode
  • Plain-english diagnostics
  • USB or Laptop Recipe Upload/Download
  • Remote Viewing In Browser
  • Security Features