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belshaw-type N-wall-mount

Type N Cake Donut Depositor

¾-size depositor used in Belshaw Cut-N-Fry system for Cake Donuts, Loukoumades, and Hushpuppies.

For anyone making smaller quantities of donuts, loukoumades, or hushpuppies, Belshaw's Type N is the ideal size depositor! Type N is the standard depositor supplied with Belshaw's Cut-N-Fry.

Type N accommodates a full set of plungers for all varieties of cake donuts. Type N plungers are identical to Type B and Type F plungers, but 6 inches shorter. Like other Belshaw depositors, it is sturdily built for years of service. 

In order to deposit cake donuts, you will need:

    • Plunger - You need at least one Plunger. Plungers are available for Ring donuts, Sticks, 'Old Fashioned', Crullers, Krinkles (Pon de ring), and more. 6 standard sizes are available.
    • Cylinder - You need at least one Cylinder. The cylinder must be the same size as your Plunger. If you have two Plungers of the same size, you can use the same cylinder.
    • Mounting Kit - 3 mounting kits are available for Type N Depositors, for Standard Floor Model fryers, for 616B fryer, and for mounting on a wall. 

    For more about all of the above, see 'Related Products' below.

    Item # N20000

    Type N Cake Donut Depositor with hopper (plunger and cylinder purchased separately)

    Deposits per minute

    60 to 100, handcrank

    Deposit size

    Adjustable from small to large by turning the dial

    Hopper capacity

    12.5 lbs (5.5 kg)




    NSF-169, CE